For more than a century Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church has preached and taught the good news of Jesus Christ on the East Side of St. Paul, Minnesota. 

On November 8, 1913 we began as “Dayton’s Bluff English Lutheran Mission.” For almost a year, the church met at a storefront location on East Seventh Street.  At the time, the vast majority of LCMS congregations were worshiping in German.  Our Saviour’s was specifically started as an English-speaking church, which is reflected in our original, temporary name.

On June 27, 1915 the cornerstone was laid for our first church on the corner of Earl and Minnehaha.  (The building remains to this day and now is home to a Seventh-Day Adventist congregation.) Later that fall, the building project was complete.  The total cost was $11,500.  Kind of hard to imagine, isn’t it!

For decades, at our Earl and Minnehaha location, members gathered to hear the Word of God, receive Christ’s holy body and blood, and praise the Lord.  During this era, it seemed like the building was bursting at the proverbial seams.  As a result, several lots were purchased in 1930 on Johnson Parkway, then the outer edge of the city.  The Great Depression and World War II put a hold on plans to construct a larger church on this new property. At long last, in 1950, a parsonage was built on the site; the total cost:  $30,000. In 1957, Our Saviour’s Lutheran School building was constructed at our current parkway location.  Our sanctuary was completed in 1972; the total cost: $187,000.  My, how times have changed. 

In 1965, Our Saviour’s joined with several other nearby LCMS congregations to form the East Side Lutheran School Association.  During the decades that ESPL was in existence, thousands of grade school children received a firm foundation in reading, writing and arithmetic as well as the Christian faith.  Sadly, the school closed in 2008.

In 2013/14 we held a year-long centennial celebration to thank God for the good work that He been doing in, and through, Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church here on the East Side.