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Blogs > Did He or Didn't He?

Did He or Didn't He?

After a trip last Thursday to the doctor, followed by an early morning visit to the emergency room on Saturday, I've been pondering a basic theological question.

Did Jesus ever get sick?

The Bible is silent on the subject.

In other words, we don't really know the answer.

However, we do know that Christ was true man, as well as true God.

Being 100% human means that Jesus could have gotten sick.

Or to be more precise, Jesus could have allowed Himself to get sick.

The question of whether or not Jesus ever got sick reminds me of a basic Lutheran understanding of Christ and His work.

In our Small Catechism the question is asked:  What two states do the Scriptures distinguish in Christ's work of salvation?

The answer is:

   A)  The state of humiliation

   B)  The state of exaltation

Which leads to the next question:  What was Christ's humiliation?

The answer:  Christ's humiliation was that as a man He did not always or fully use His divine powers.

When Christ was struck, He felt pain, real pain.

When Christ was beaten, He got bruised.

When Jesus was flogged, He bleed.

When Jesus was crucified, He suffered and died.

It was all for our sakes and for our salvation.    









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