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Blogs > A Slow Leak

A Slow Leak

While on vacation in Duluth earlier this month, a warning light lit up my car's dashboard, and so we pulled into a gas station.  The warning light was for low tire pressure.

I got out my tire pressure gauge and showed Paul how to use it.  Sure enough, the rear right tire had somehow fallen under its recommended pressure.  We filled it up and were quickly back on the road.

The warning light is now back on.  I will be re-checking the air pressure on all of my tires.  If it turns out that there is a problem with the same tire as earlier, I will get it checked out. 

As I think about my tire problem, I'm reminded of something that Dwight Moody once said in response to a question.  When asked whether or not he had been filled with the Holy Spirit, Moody replied. "Yes, but I leak."      

Wouldn't it be nice if we had a spiritual pressure gauge to tell us if we are losing faith.

Many people lose their faith slowly, almost imperceptibly.  This goes on week after week until there is nothing left.

Where can we re-fill our faith?  We do so by hearing the Word of God.  Faith comes from hearing.  (See Romans 10:17)


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