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Life with God

A number of years ago I was asked to teach a new member class.  This was back during the time when I served as a Director of Christian Outreach.

There were five or six students in the class.  For some reason, the idea came to me to have the students help set the direction for the course.  And so I asked them what questions they had about God or the Christian faith. 

I wasn't sure what to expect.  After all, I had never done anything like this before.

I was surprised by the responses I received.

One of the attendees asked about his brother.  It turned out he had committed suicide.  The student wanted to know what had happened to his brother.  Had he committed an unforgiveable sin?

Another student wanted to know if she needed to be re-baptized in order to join the Lutheran church.  She had grown up Catholic. 

One of the female students had another very personal question.  She was a sheet-metal worker, which I believe is how she met her fiancée, a member of the church.  At work one day she was involved in an accident and lost part of four of her fingers.

To be perfectly honest, I remember very little about what I told the class during the times that we met.  But I will never forget their questions.



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