Proclaiming a changeless Christ in a changing world

We have resumed public worship on Sunday mornings at 9:15 with appropriate safeguards in place.  We are also recording the service so that you may participate online; you can view it on our Worship page.

Pastoral care is still available - please contact Pastor Brian

Why Did They Do It?

As I type this, the temperature in St. Paul is -21.  That's not the wind chill, mind you, but the actual air temperature.

-21 is cold, even by Minnesota standards.  Our high today may only reach -17. This would be an all-time record for January 6.

Yesterday the temperature was just above zero in Green Bay.  Still, some 72,000 fans flocked to Lambeau Field.

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Great Joy

 A young graduate who lands his dream job.   

 A bride on her wedding day.

 A grandmother holding her first grandchild.

 What do all these people have in common?  Odds are each of them is experiencing great joy.

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For Crying Out Loud

Are you a silent pray-er, or do you pray out loud?

For the most part I am a silent pray-er.  When I am alone, I say my prayers in my mind.  This is true most of the time, but not always.  Sometimes I feel the need to pray out loud.

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For the last couple of months I have been re-reading a very unusual book for my morning devotions.  The book was given to me as a gift from Martha Plagens. 

"Arrows of Light:  Devotions for Worldwide Christians" was written by David Schneider.  Schneider was a Lutheran missionary, colleague, and friend of Bob and Martha Plagens.  Martha gave me the book soon after I arrived at Our Saviour's.  She even got David to write a little inscription inside the front cover. 

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Lessons in Patience

Yesterday morning I had an eye exam.  I hadn't had my eyes checked since 2006, so I figured it was time.  My appointment was for 10 o'clock at an optical store in the Maplewood Mall.  When I arrived I had some paperwork to fill out.  This took perhaps five minutes.  I then waited another five or ten minutes for the optometrist to come and get me.  About twenty minutes into the exam the optometrist dilated my eyes using some drops.  I then had to wait twenty minutes for the drops to do their job. 

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