Saturday, 19 January 2019

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English language services

  • at 9:15am on Sunday.
  • at 6:45pm on Wednesday - new time!

Spanish language service

  • at 11:00am on Sunday.

Hmong language service

  • at 1:00pm on Sunday.

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For the last couple of months I have been re-reading a very unusual book for my morning devotions.  The book was given to me as a gift from Martha Plagens. 

"Arrows of Light:  Devotions for Worldwide Christians" was written by David Schneider.  Schneider was a Lutheran missionary, colleague, and friend of Bob and Martha Plagens.  Martha gave me the book soon after I arrived at Our Saviour's.  She even got David to write a little inscription inside the front cover. 

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Lessons in Patience

Yesterday morning I had an eye exam.  I hadn't had my eyes checked since 2006, so I figured it was time.  My appointment was for 10 o'clock at an optical store in the Maplewood Mall.  When I arrived I had some paperwork to fill out.  This took perhaps five minutes.  I then waited another five or ten minutes for the optometrist to come and get me.  About twenty minutes into the exam the optometrist dilated my eyes using some drops.  I then had to wait twenty minutes for the drops to do their job. 

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This I Believe

There is a very interesting website I encourage you to check out some time.  The site is entitled:  “This I Believe”. 

What is this website about?  Here is how the site describes itself:   "It is a public dialogue about faith—one essay at a time."   

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Breaking Bad (or Badly Broken?)

Last Sunday evening millions of Americans were glued to their TV sets.  10,000,000 to be exact.

What was the occasion?  On Sunday evening the series finale of "Breaking Bad" was aired. 

Breaking Bad was so popular and influential that its finale even made national news.  ABC World News Tonight ended their broadcast last Monday with a report about the show's final episode.  

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Life with God

A number of years ago I was asked to teach a new member class.  This was back during the time when I served as a Director of Christian Outreach.

There were five or six students in the class.  For some reason, the idea came to me to have the students help set the direction for the course.  And so I asked them what questions they had about God or the Christian faith. 

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